Sunday, May 06, 2012

Some Thoughts During Breakfast

While munching cheese croissant and egg omelet bathed in hot sauce, sipping hot coffee with medium sugar and a teaspoon of coffee mate,   I thought about writing in my blog today...Just had conversation with my wife about a Youtube video of a man who insha Allah was a shaheed or martyred in the way of Allah.

Somehow this reminded me of a very subtle thought just like a video surreptitiously playing in the background inside my head. It is quite possible that somebody who would want to work for the betterment of Muslims in Southern Philippines whose ideology does not conform with the status quo might end up being murdered like Dr. Eustaqio III.

In my interrupted attempt to chronicle a semi-fiction version of my childhood and basically my life - The Hero Quest - I actually planned of ending the series with the murder of Ben (Oh sorry - spoiler alert) because he became successful in changing the status quo, that is continuing Manila hegemony over Muslims of Mindanao  by perpetuating Oligarchy, divide and rule approach for the revolutionaries, and all out war for the extremists. I think this approach might be strategically correct decades or centuries ago but now rendered outdated if not disadvantageous for both the country and the Muslims in Mindanao especially in the long run.

And then, Dr. Eustaqio was murdered! Whatever the reason(s) maybe, this confirms the video playing in my head.

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