Friday, May 11, 2012

The First Alien Contact

And so it was said that the most historic moment in human history will be the first ever contact between the human species and aliens. For some this is not a question of 'if' but 'when'. So historic that history will be divided by using 'precontact' and 'postcontact' instead of BC and CE.

Well if we define an alien as something extra terrestial or even extradimensional, then, humans have been in contact with the 'aliens' from the beginning. Prophet Adam alaihissalam was in 'contact' with the angels and Iblees, a jinn.

Further it is argued that these aliens are so advanced in technology that the analogy of possible fighting against them is like fighting using nuclear weapon vs. sponges, we humans of course are the ones with sponges.

Well, again, numerous hadith tells us the ability of Angels and Jinns that are supernatural well beyond the latest technology we have today. Think about how the jinns offered to transport the throne of Queen Bilqees to the palace of prophet Sulaiman.

Historic? Yes so historic these first contacts have been that human history always changes once they happen. When Angel Gabriel came into first contact with the prophet Muhammad, the first chapter of the Quran was revealed. This first event unfolded the the rise of Islamic civilization that spread to east and west and paved the way of lifting out Europe from its Dark Age into its Renaissance.

My main point is that this first contact is not a novel idea to the Muslims and perhaps to the believers of heavenly revealed religions. This idea that beings with higher abilities would come one day to Earth and save us from our self destruction have been done time and over again.

"And I have sent a messenger to every nation proclaiming worship only Allah and avoid worshipping false gods" (Quran 16:36)


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking in an abstract way recently when it comes to contact with 'aliens'. This blog was interesting. fyi the Quran states the throne was transported by a 'believer' not the Jinn, though the Jinn had offered to bring the throne before Sulaiman has got up from his seat.

Madz Ahmadul said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes you are right about the jinn. I should have written that the ifreet jinn offered to transport the throne.