Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comments on Zamboanga City (dot com): Female Muslim Studes wearing hijab not allowed to study


Although I’m a Muslim, and just like you Avelino I also don’t understand why they would want to learn in a place that does not reinforce their beliefs and culture.

Maybe perhaps you are right there is no other colleges that allow ‘hijab’ that’s as good as Pilar.

Maybe they were just so naive to believe that they live in a democratic country where one’s belief shall not be an obstacle in attaining the basic human rights of education.

Maybe they might have thought that if this school is ran by nuns who themselves weir some form of veil (habits) maybe they can be accommodated there.

Maybe they thought that in principle, the veil and the habit are essentially the same that promotes modesty and chastity.

Maybe they didn’t have a choice, Sir Avelino, there is no Muslim school in Zamboanga City that reaches the college level.

Maybe they were wrong to assert that the veil does not prevent them from learning and be at par with anyone.

Please excuse them for believing that they too have the right to practice their religion wherever and whenever they want.

The crux of the matter here is this: Education is not just passing of information. It is also passing the culture. Pilar is very clear about that. It wants to produce learned Christians and it is their prerogative.

As soon as these Muslims realize the purpose of education I just mentioned then they will wake up and find other alternatives and probably settle in other schools.

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